cover image Herotica 4: A New Collection of Erotic Writing by Women

Herotica 4: A New Collection of Erotic Writing by Women

Various. Plume Books, $18 (272pp) ISBN 978-0-452-27181-4

In this fourth installment of the highly acclaimed erotica series for and by women, Sheiner, a contributor to the previous editions, takes the helm from Susie Bright. Here, 29 steamy stories illustrate a myriad of sexual experiences including infidelity, talking dirty, pornography, lesbianism, heterosexuality, group sex, dominance, submission, visions of pleasure on another planet and even a gender-changing vampire. All bounds of age, race, time and class are crossed, allowing for a multitude of possibilities in the sexual arena. Every author in this arousing collection skillfully articulates a woman's most intimate desires, from the wish for a real-life muse in Karen Marie Christa Minns's ""The Muse Comes"" to the seduction of a professor by his student in Sonja Kindley's ""Make Me"" to a Japanese girl trying to reconcile herself to her attraction to other women in Angela Fairweather's ""My Dance at Juliana's."" Each uninhibited story in Sheiner's anthology takes the reader into a lush, sensual world where women know exactly what they want--and they get it. (Apr.)