cover image Come for Dinner: Memorable Meals to Share with Friends

Come for Dinner: Memorable Meals to Share with Friends

Leslie Revsin. John Wiley & Sons, $29.95 (308pp) ISBN 978-0-471-42010-1

Revsin, the former owner and chef of Manhattan's celebrated (but now defunct) Restaurant Leslie, offers a collection of over 150 recipes designed for small get-togethers of friends and family. While Revsin's recipes aren't necessarily innovative--they rely primarily on favorite comfort foods, often borrowing flavors from Italian cooking--her unique twists on classics should make this book very appealing to home cooks seeking""sophistication that doesn't bonk you over the head."" Readers will find enticing recipes for every course, including Roasted Mushrooms with Lemon Oil, Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Tomato-Shallot Sauce and Brown Sugar Bananas in Phyllo. Revsin celebrates desserts as much as main courses, and bakers will find quite a few worthwhile recipes. Some of the recipes have quite a few steps, which the experienced Revsin (Great Fish Quick) sometimes shrugs off; for one salad, she writes,""When you've peeled, cut and dressed the beets takes only a few minutes to put together."" But she does include""Do-Ahead Options"" for each dish, which note the steps in the recipe that can be completed days--or even weeks--ahead. Such planning hints help assure that delicious meals can be made from scratch, and that the cook will get to sit down with guests when it's time to dine. Revsin also includes several dozen helpful menu suggestions, which will help readers put together a dinner party from the grill, a picnic or a perfect meal for cool weather. 16 color photos.