cover image The Philadelphia Adventure

The Philadelphia Adventure

Lloyd Alexander. Dutton Books, $13.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-525-44564-7

It is 1876, and in Philadelphia the opening of the Centennial Exposition, already delayed several times, is threatened by the fiendish Doctor Helvitius. This megalomaniac has kidnapped two children in the care of the emperor of Brazil and vows to destroy the Exposition and all the world leaders present if the emperor does not accede to his demands. Desperate, President Grant lays this problem at the feet of 20-year-old Vesper Holly and her eminent guardian, Professor Brinton Garrett, who have already achieved renown for resolving knotty problems in countries far and fantastic in such titles as The Illyrian Adventure and The El Dorado Adventure . Brinny (as the professor is known to his intimates) exhibits admirable patriotism as he describes the hair-raising events that lead to the apparent downfall of Helvitius. Vesper and a faithful band of friends foil the dastardly plot of a Professor Moriarty-like villain in Alexander's thoroughly enjoyable romp. Ages 10-14. (Apr.)