cover image Bunnies and Their Sports

Bunnies and Their Sports

Nancy Carlson. Viking Children's Books, $11.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-670-81109-0

Readers were first introduced to Carlson's bunnies in Bunnies and Their Hobbies. Now, these same rabbits are back, but this time it's their athletic abilities that are on show. Each morning, when the bunnies get up after a good night's rest, they brush their teeth, eat breakfast and warm up. Then . . . they are ready to undertake a wide variety of athletic endeavors. These physically fit rabbits jog, hike, swim and execute swan dives. They also play softball, touch football, and volley ball, as well as climb mountains, lift weights, roller-skate and ice-skate. Every bunny in the book enjoys one sport or another, ""but all bunnies do sports because they make them feel good!!!'' Although Carlson's text is little more than a listing of different sports, her bold cartoon-like illustrations add vitality to the story. Ages 3-8. (March)