cover image Watch Out for These Weirdos!

Watch Out for These Weirdos!

Rufus Kline / Author, Nancy Carlson / Author Viking Children's

Erin ``Starin'' McCarron, Ryan ``Cryin'' O'Brien, and ``Tattlin'' Madeline Brown are just a few of the hilarious characters who parade through the world of this picture book's hero. Each of the kids has his or her own set of peculiarities, spelled out in a ``WANTED'' poster that includes Age, Height, Latest Crime, and Approach with Caution. Kline's silly text and Carlson's stylized illustrations are directed toward a child's slapstick humor; the book avoids cruelty since the narrator says at the end, ``But don't say anything bad about them . . . because they're my friends.'' Ages 3-8. (Mar.)