cover image Phone Calls: Phone Calls

Phone Calls: Phone Calls

R. L. Stine. Simon Pulse, $3.99 (160pp) ISBN 978-0-671-69497-5

Stine's latest work is an all-dialogue piece centered around a succession of telephone calls among a group of high school students. The story begins when Diane encourages her best friend Julie to pursue basketball star Mick Wilson. The reluctant Julie acquiesces, but ultimately winds up feeling humiliated, and blames Diane for what she believes was a cruel prank. To retaliate, Julie lures Toby, Diane's stepbrother, into a plan guaranteed to embarrass Diane. When it succeeds, an enraged Diane plots revenge. Based on an innocent misunderstanding, this good-natured fun provides perfect entertainment for its intended audience. The narrative features slick, contemporary dialogue and a rapid-fire tempo--ingredients sure to entice even the most reluctant reader. Stine's popularity with young people is well deserved. Ages 11-14. (June)