cover image Curtains


R. L. Stine. Simon Pulse, $3.99 (144pp) ISBN 978-0-671-69498-2

Rena, a Michelle Pfeiffer look-alike, is attending a theatrical summer camp with a friend, boy-crazy Julie. When Rena effortlessly wins the leading role in the play Curtains , she also provokes the wrath of Hedy, the camp diva, who was sure she had the part sewn up. Julie openly resents Rena's easy popularity with male campers Chris and George. When a series of cruel and bizarre pranks is directed against Rena--a slashed swan in her bed, her wardrobe destroyed--the finger of guilt seems to point at either Julie or Heda. Leading the unsuspecting reader along various paths, Stine handily arranges an abrupt turn that leads to an unforeseeable ending. The story has a strong yet vulnerable heroine in Rena, and contains just enough gore to sate horror fans. Although Curtains will never be mistaken for serious literature, it is sure to engross Stine's considerable following. Ages 13-up. (Oct.)