cover image Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Matthew Woodring Stover, , read by Jonathan Davis. . Random House Audio, $25.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-7393-1831-7

If you've well and truly caught the Star Wars bug—i.e., seen the movie twice, purchased the action figures and are considering buying the book—you should add this audiobook to your collection, particularly if you have a Surround Sound stereo system. Those who don't can still enjoy this audio's many special effects, from the sound of light sabers whirring and clashing to the toots and twitters of R2-D2. And, of course, the anthems made famous by the original Star Wars movies are present, thrumming in the background during dramatic moments. Narrator Davis guides listeners competently through the action, his voice switching nimbly from Obi-Wan's cultured tones to the slippery, snake-like cadences of Chancellor Palpatine. Though Davis's Yoda impression needs work—the little green Jedi comes off sounding like a flu-stricken Muppet—and his narration can be overly dramatic, he nicely conveys Anakin's confusion, petulance, arrogance and insecurity. Indeed, listening to this audio is second only to watching the movie, and those looking for something to tide them over during the lull between the movie's release in theaters and its debut in DVD could do no better than this audiobook. Simultaneous release with the Del Rey hardcover. (Apr.)