cover image Shameless


Karen Robards, . . S&S/Gallery, $25 (359pp) ISBN 978-0-7434-1061-8

In the long-awaited conclusion to the Banning Sisters trilogy (after Irresistible ), Robards reaffirms her skill for addictive Regency romance. In 1817 London, half-British, half-French Neil Severin plies a dangerous trade as the Angel of Death, an assassin wanted dead by the War Office. Neil meets his heart's Waterloo in fiery Lady Elizabeth “Beth” Banning, the youngest Banning sister, who's already jilted several suitors and caused heated gossip among London's high society. During a ball, Neil breaks into the estate of Beth's sister to discover Beth fending off her outraged, newly rejected fiancé. After rescuing her, the two embark on a romance-stoking adventure involving a band of white slavers who kidnap Beth with plans to auction her off at Trelawney Castle, a hotbed of prostitution. Robards's robust narrative maintains the couple's intense passion even up to its sweet resolution, making this a satisfying read for any fan of the genre. (Apr.)