cover image Lost in the Clouds

Lost in the Clouds

Tom Tinn-Disbury. DK, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-7440-3659-6

Tinn-Disbury traces one child’s grief through this weather-themed tale. Billy, a kid with warm brown skin and curly dark hair, believes his mother lives in the clouds following her death. Every morning, he checks on Mommy’s cloud, interpreting its changes alongside shifts in his and Daddy’s moods. On clear days, Billy and his father spend quality time together, and “Billy knew that Mommy had asked the sun to make their days bright.” But cloudy days represent Daddy withdrawing into himself, and stormy days are the worst: Billy screams to talk to Mommy, but Daddy stays quiet, “and his eyes would look red and sore.” One stormy day, frustrated by the distance between himself and his mother, Billy attempts to climb up to the clouds. His father eventually intercepts, discussing the child’s conflicting emotions and options for support. Fine-lined illustrations in soft watercolor washes accentuate this gentle, if slightly didactic, picture book for children struggling with loss. Ages 3–5. [em](May) [/em]