cover image Crunch! Munch! Bunny

Crunch! Munch! Bunny

DK. DK, $14.99 (12p) ISBN 978-1-4654-7853-5

In an oversize board book with photo illustrations, glossy pages, and large flaps, a stuffed pink rabbit searches for carrots on a friendly springtime farm. Readers are tasked with helping Bunny locate her “tasty treat.” Each flap reveals a new stuffed animal and a light-activated sound effect. A baa-ing “Little Lamb” appears behind the flowers, but behind the reeds is a “Splashy Duck” that quacks. At the stables, will Bunny find carrots, “or will she find a new playmate?” Sure enough, it’s “Friendly Pony,” who makes a “clip-clop!” sound. At last, Bunny finds a full wheelbarrow of carrots: “There’s Bunny! She’s already eating the carrots! Crunch! Munch!” The appealing animal toys, sizable flaps, and gratifying sound effects offer readers their own treats. Ages 1–3. [em](Jan.) [/em]