cover image Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures

Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures

Derek Harvey. DK, $16.99 (208p) ISBN 978-1-4654-5084-5

This addition to the Visual Encyclopedia line uses eye-catching CGI graphics to introduce 150 undersea predators in eight chapters. “Devils of the Dark” highlights animals that lurk in the “darker depths” of the ocean, and “Cruisers and Chasers” includes sharks and other creatures that are always on the move. The species are introduced in succinct, lively text (“The zebra shark is a typical suction-feeder, and it captures prey hidden in the sand by sucking it up like a vacuum cleaner”), and “data file” boxes provide stats about their size, diet, location, and “predator power.” Though sharks are well-represented throughout, readers may be pleasantly surprised by how many other hardcore creatures lurk underwater, like the peacock mantis shrimp, which can “smash its way out of an aquarium.” Ages 9–12. (May)