cover image Coding Projects in Scratch

Coding Projects in Scratch

Jon Woodcock. DK, $19.99 paper (224p) ISBN 978-1-4654-5142-2

In a companion to Woodcock’s recent Coding Games in Scratch, readers are shown how to use the free programming language Scratch to create playful animations, games, and other programs. Woodcock briefly explains coding and its creative applications in the opening chapter before branching into sections featuring replications of the Scratch interface and sprites (figures and objects that can be manipulated on-screen). Activities include programing a sprite-racing game, a spinning spiral animation, a simulation of a fireworks display, and sound experiments. The steps for each project are presented in stacks of scripts, along with sample screen shots, ideal for letting readers compare their progress to the instructions (as well as suggested “hacks and tweaks”). Woodcock creates an encouraging platform for beginners, laying solid groundwork for them to pursue more advanced projects. Ages 9–12. (July)