cover image Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn Between Two Lovers

Carl Weber, Kensington/Dafina, $20 (208p) ISBN 978-0-7582-5269-2

Poor Loraine Farrow, torn between two men: Leon, with whom she has just renewed her marriage vows, and Michael, the hottie she sought affection from during a separation from Leon. Then there's Jerome, her gay best friend and his secret sweetie, "Big Poppa," who just doesn't want to come clean about his and Jerome's relationship. Adding extra wacko conflict is Peter, journalist by day and sicko stalker by night. Weber (Big Girls Do Cry) delves into the romantic conflicts of these Richmond Virginians with a robust relish and soap-opera-intense insights. Loraine, or "Big Sexy" as Leon calls her (she's quite curvaceous), becomes sexually frustrated because of Leon's intimacy issues caused by an abusive aunt and uncle. When Leon seeks help from a therapist, all four learn that facing the truth really means facing the lies, as Weber delivers another eye-popping (if sketchy) lesson in love. (Sept.)