cover image The Man in 3B

The Man in 3B

Carl Weber. Grand Central, $24.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1455505265

All the women want him and all the men fear him. The murder by arson of hunky Daryl Graham shatters his Queens, NY, community, including the suspects: Krystal, an ex-flame and schoolteacher whose passion for Daryl can't match her insatiable desire for drugs; her cocaine-dealing fiancé; Connie, a sex-starved house frau who's let herself go to pot; her husband Avery who kicks her out to set off on a life of crime; and 21-year-old brainiac Benny whose womanizing firefighter dad wonders what kind of influence Daryl wielded over his son. Weber (The Choir Director) packs his latest urban soap opera with all seven deadly sins in a bawdy mystery that doesn't take its flawed characters too seriously. The villains and heroes, each given their own, rotating perspectives, are a hot mess—alternately coldly selfish and admirably selfless. Though an unlikely twist gives everyone exactly who and what they deserve, fans will likely suspend belief for the tidy bow on this flashy little package. After all, to err is not only human, but a whole lot more fun to read. (Feb.)