cover image Knockout Entrepreneur [With Nelsonfree]

Knockout Entrepreneur [With Nelsonfree]

George Foreman. Thomas Nelson Publishers, $22.99 (227pp) ISBN 978-0-7852-2208-8

Foreman teams up once again with Abraham (together, they wrote 2007's God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir) for a DIY business primer couched in ""what my kids call 'Georgisms,'"" lessons applicable to life as well as making a living. Successful in the ring and, arguably, even more successful hawking his own line of electric grills, Foreman doesn't share any secrets readers can't find elsewhere-much of his advice boils down to being tough, working hard, paying careful attention, staying committed and keeping honest (with oneself and others)-but his story is informative and encouraging (with many boxing analogies, and a few anecdotes), taking readers through the process of becoming George Foreman the Entrepreneur: signing on as a partner with the grill's manufacturers, marketing the device and turning it into a kitchenware bestseller. Recurring lists of ""Knockout Ideas"" provide a nice summary for sometimes-jumpy chapters devoted to subjects like competition, likeability, and knowing when to walk away.