cover image God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir

God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir

George Foreman, . . W Publishing, $22.99 (218pp) ISBN 978-0-8499-0314-4

In his spiritual autobiography, Foreman writes, "I have God in my corner." He hopes the readers who take to heart his "tips from George's corner," found at the end of each chapter, will, too. In this book—part autobiography and largely a testimonial and spiritual inspiration—Foreman, well-known heavyweight boxing champion, businessman and preacher, leads readers through steps for living a godly Christian life. His book gives some autobiographical details, including his younger years, a few stories of his fights and most powerfully his experience of being born again after a boxing match he lost to Jimmy Young. Those stories serve to illustrate his theology, covered in short chapters that read like sermons. He exhorts readers to inspire others to excellence, answer the door when opportunity knocks, close it when temptation knocks, advance through adversity and so on. Foreman credits God with his remarkable successes throughout the book and ends it with an altar call, inviting readers to meet him in heaven someday. Non-Christian boxing fans probably won't find enough about boxing or Foreman, but evangelical Christians who admire Foreman's many good works will find the book inspirational. (May 22)