cover image With Justice for None

With Justice for None

Gerry L. Spence / Author Crown Publishers $19.95 (370p) ISBN 9

Passionately eloquent and innovative, trial attorney Spense ( Gunning for Justice , etc.) here argues the evils of the justice system itself and its abuse by monied interests such as corporations, ``the most cruel, calculating, and accomplished criminals of all time.'' Convicted of crime, corporations are spared admission of guilt by buying their way out with payment of fines, he charges, while the poor are punished. The author's bold reforms for more efficient judicial procedures include the drafting of judges in the manner of juries, revision of law school admission criteria, along with curricula stressing clinical studies and designed to produce lawyers with conscience. He also advocates prosecution and jail terms for corporate managers who break the law, confiscation of crime-derived profits and/or punitive damage awards. First serial to New Age Journal. (May)