cover image Mogwogs on the March!

Mogwogs on the March!

Olivier Dunrea / Author Holiday House $12.95 (28p) ISBN 978-0-

The author-illustrator of Ravena; Eddie B, Pig Boy; and Fergus and Bridey presents another appealing picture book for tinies. It is an epic of nonsense, about a gaggle of gnomes whom Dunrea makes beguiling in their garishly bright, Middle-European costumes. They are the Mogwogs, 15 in all counting infants, toddlers and their elders. Off they go, marching on a route shown on a map preceding the first page. The individuals in the band keep up with each other, shouting as they go: ""Climbing! Running! Jumping! Mogwogs on the March!'' The text couldn't be simpler but it combines with the pictures to introduce, or reinforce, ideas of over and under (bridges), through (woods), up- and downhill, etc. The journey ends with all the Mogwogs falling asleep at home, on their own comfortable rock piles. (27)