cover image Skara Brae: The Story of a Prehistoric Village

Skara Brae: The Story of a Prehistoric Village

Olivier Dunrea / Author Holiday House $13.95 (40p) ISBN 978-0-

The author introduces a little-known archeological wonder: the ancient village of Skara Brae. In 1850, a storm blew across the Orkney Islands north of Scotland, exposing a small part of a primitive village. Over the next 125 years, the settlement was uncovered piece by piece and preserved. Skara Brae was first settled over 5000 years ago, when a small band of farmers and herders found the land good for building and grazing. The village's gradual evolution is revealed as readers see the changing ceremonial practices, burial methods and the design of the stone huts, which became larger and more comfortable. In 2400 B.C. a storm buried Skara Brae, and the villagers abandoned it. The items they dropped as they fled lay there for centuries. Dunrea's clear drawings put Skara Brae into focus for every reader; he delivers not only the engrossing tale of an ancient lifestyle, but a vivid story of an archeological search. (8-12)