cover image Maggie and the Monster

Maggie and the Monster

Elizabeth Winthrop. Holiday House, $16.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-0639-5

A little-girl monster visits Maggie's room at night. She's a nuisance. She bangs open the door, pushes her hairy feet along the floor and sits in a chair and sighs. Maggie complains to her mom; she hangs a ""Monsters Keep Out'' sign on her door, but nothing works. Finally Maggie asks her what she wants. ``I'm looking for my mother,'' the monster replies. The girl helpfully directs her to the other monster who lives in the hall closet. ``She has big hairy feet just like you,'' Maggie says. A grand reunion ensues; Maggie gets a good night's sleep. Winthrop's Maggie is a spunky and confident kid who'll surely inspire other youngsters to face their fears. DePaola's full-color illustrations add sly humor to this picture-book mystery. Ages 3-6. (April)