cover image Gap Life

Gap Life

John Coy. Feiwel and Friends, $17.99 (224p) ISBN 978-1-250-08895-6

There comes a time in virtually every young adult’s life when the decision is made to step away from one’s parents to become independent. For Cray Franklin, that decision comes on the heels of high school graduation as he sidesteps the path his parents have set for him—namely a premed track at the all-male Catholic college his father and grandfather attended—and begins a tumultuous journey into adulthood. Along the way, he meets and falls for free-spirited Rayne, who embodies the freedom he’s searching for, but who already has a boyfriend. With just a touch of romance, Coy’s narrative focuses on Cray’s thoughts and feelings as he takes a job in a group home, working with adults with developmental disabilities. A few threads are left dangling, particularly regarding Cray’s falling-out with a close friend, but Coy (Game Changer) captures the uncomfortable and even cringe-inducing actions and decisions of a teen trying to find his way, while also creating thoughtful parallels between Cray’s journey toward independence and the lives of four residents in the group home. Ages 12–up. Agent: Andrea Cascardi, Transatlantic Literary. (Nov.)