cover image Deep Silence

Deep Silence

Jonathan Maberry. St. Martin’s Griffin, $18.99 trade paper (480p) ISBN 978-1-250-09846-7

In the 10th and final volume of the Joe Ledger series (following 2017’s Dogs of War), Capt. Joe Ledger and the rest of the top secret Department of Military Sciences face off against their greatest threat to date: a terrorist organization that has reverse-engineered ancient, alien technologies to develop a weapon capable of spreading madness and causing devastating earthquakes. As Joe’s team races to prevent the destruction of America, political enemies manipulate events and public opinion to try to shut down the DMS for good. Maberry pushes his heroes to the breaking point in a nonstop, high-stakes, adrenaline-charged thriller, drawing deeply from previous adventures to make this one of Ledger’s most personal battles to date. The final confrontation costs him dearly and sets up a new status quo for the future. Effortlessly blending cutting-edge science fiction, military action, and Lovecraftian horror into a memorable synthesis, Maberry delivers a story that starts strong and doesn’t let up until the end. A familiarity with the rest of the series is advised, if not an absolute requirement, and fans will enjoy seeing Ledger risk everything to save the world yet again. Agent: Sara Crowe, Pippin Properties. (Oct.)