cover image Necrotek


Jonathan Maberry. Blackstone, $27.99 (486p) ISBN 979-8-200-68840-1

Maberry (Son of the Poison Rose) puts a cosmic horror twist on a classic military sci-fi setup in this solid outing. An error while testing a new technology called the WarpLine gun teleports the entirety of Asphodel Station—formerly in orbit around Jupiter—to an unknown region of space full of eerie horrors and scientific impossibilities. Working alongside faith leaders and resourceful engineers, the Lost Souls, a small squadron of fighter pilots who happened to be docked on Asphodel Station, and marines under the command of Captain Croft display almost unbelievable adaptability and grit as they fight a threat on a scale so large it threatens the entire universe. Lt. Cmdr. Bianca Petrescu leads the Lost Souls with an indomitable spirit and incredible strategic prowess as they uncover the mysteries of this new region of space with the help of “cosmic philosopher” Dr. Soren and Lady Jessica McHugh, a necromancer known as “Lady Death.” Their adventures end with even greater dangers looming, promising a sequel. While the dialogue and plot beats are often predictable, fans of dramatic action sequences and charged emotional scenes will enjoy the short military vignettes, and Lovecraft devotees will find the lore intriguing. This satisfies. (May)