cover image American Splendor: Another Day

American Splendor: Another Day

Harvey Pekar, and others. . DC/Vertigo, $14.99 (132pp) ISBN 978-1-4012-1235-3

U nderground comics favorite Pekar returns with another collection of autobiographical reflections. His narratives are subdued and unconventional, with the rhythm of ordinary life. In this collection he captures something every reader can relate to, whether it’s worrying over his runaway cat or levelheadedly dealing with a plumbing disaster (leading him to the exclamation, “Today I am a man!”). It is the very lack of a point to these narratives that makes them work. The flaw of the stories in this collection is that they are of his current life—that is, the life of a freelance comic book writer. Many of the rambling thoughts reflect so closely on the act of creating what readers are holding in their hands that it’s like looking at the infinite reflections in a pair of parallel mirrors. In one story, Pekar goes through all his thoughts when deciding whether he should search for more work or just take a nap; in another he details the hassles of getting paid for his latest comic. A number of talented artists illustrate this collection, giving spice and variety to the relentlessly average life of Pekar. (Apr.)