cover image Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1

Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. DC, $22.99 (144p) ISBN 978-1-4012-2978-8

Veteran comics scribe Morrison (Multiversity) reunites with his Batman Inc. partner Paquette to retell the origin of the most beloved female superhero for a new generation. Princess Diana of Paradise Island leads an idyllic life among her Amazonian sisters, but chafes under the rule of her mother, Queen Hippolyta. When pilot Steve Trevor crash-lands on the island, Diana becomes his salvation, returning him to the forbidden Man’s World and setting in motion a series of events that challenge Amazonia’s foundations. Nathan Fairbairn’s colors give the art a warm tone that stands out from many other superhero offerings of recent years, and Paquette’s bold, striking linework creates a vivid society. Morrison’s attempts to visually represent language barriers muddy the waters, but his script is otherwise a triumphant blend of Golden Age concepts with modern themes (like a glorious update for oft-maligned sidekick Etta Candy, who’s now a snarky, queer sorority sister). This book redefines an often misunderstood character. (Apr.)