cover image Batman Incorporated: The Deluxe Edition

Batman Incorporated: The Deluxe Edition

Grant Morrison and various. DC, $29.99 (264p) ISBN 978-1-4012-3212-2

Superstar comics writer Morrison may be best known for his bizarro stylings on series such as Doom Patrol and The Invisibles, but he also unashamedly wears his love on his sleeve for Silver Age DC Comics stories and puts it to good use. In this collection, he excavates the history of Batman and reinterprets the results of that archeology with his signature flourishes, breathing new life into Kathy Kane (the original Batwoman), the Gaucho and Man-of-the-Bats (the Native American Batman analogue), as Batman, fresh from his presumed death, seeks to globalize his “brand” with personally chosen international crime fighters who would serve as the Batmen of their homelands. There’s action aplenty, memorable villains—Lord Death Man being quite disturbing—a guest appearance from Catwoman, a criminal girls’ school that gives St. Trinian’s a run for its money (likely an intentional homage), and a whole lot more, illustrated by numerous artists, with Yanick Paquette’s work being the stunning standout. Also included are supplementary liner notes that supply insight into the characters, plus a look at preliminary art for the individual issues’ covers. (Apr.)