cover image The Finder

The Finder

Colin Harrison, , read by Jason Culp. . Macmillan Audio, $39.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4272-0303-8

Jason Culp's narration adds edge to this tightly plotted corporate thriller about the deadly chain of events launched by a pharmaceutical firm executive after he discovers that a paper-shredding firm is stealing financial secrets from his wastepaper baskets. Harrison delights in providing descriptive nuggets about the buildings and culture of New York City. In the wrong hands, these could become dull, but Culp delivers the exposition with vigor and never allows the pacing to flag. When voicing dialogue, he produces an array of convincing accents, and subtly indicates gender with slight shifts in pitch. The novel's action scenes—particularly a short, vicious fight involving a pair of hedge clippers—develop an especially visceral impact when Culp narrates them. In sum, the gripping story and the deft reading make for a solid listening experience. Simultaneous release with the FSG hardcover (Reviews, Feb. 18). (Apr.)