cover image Mix It Up!

Mix It Up!

Hervé Tullet, trans. from the French by Christopher Franceschelli. Chronicle/Handprint, $15.99 (56p) ISBN 978-1-4521-3735-3

The opening of Tullet’s new book continues in the vein of Press Here as the narrator instructs readers to call forth swarms of multicolored thumbprints: “Tap it again. Tap, tap, tap.” This time, though, Tullet has something to teach readers. Smudges of red, yellow, and blue paint are seen on the left, with another spot of yellow on the right; all are in vivid close-up and look wet to the touch. “With one finger take a little bit of the blue... and just touch the yellow. Rub it... gently.” A page turn reveals the spot with the blue rubbed in; it’s green now, but imperfectly mixed, so the original yellow and blue are still visible. “See?” the narrator asks encouragingly. After making purple and orange, Tullet invites readers to experiment by shutting the book to combine patches of “wet” paint. “Try it again! Got it? Makes sense, doesn’t it?” Franceschelli is a talented translator, and the book’s conversational tone is an important part of its charm. It’s an effective presentation of basic color mixing, and great fun for paint lovers in places where paints can’t be used. Ages 3–5. (Sept.)