cover image 10 Times 10

10 Times 10

Hervé Tullet. Tate (Abrams, dist.), $15.95 (128p) ISBN 978-1-84976-247-2

Tullet counts to 10 in 10 wildly eccentric ways, channeling the energy of a messy preschool art room. In one chapter, Tullet counts by fingers—but instead of using two hands, he just keeps adding fingers on one, with the resulting appendage resembling a sea anemone. Elsewhere, an accumulation of two ears, three noses, four eyes, five mouths, and more form a grotesque pink mutant creation with ruby-red lips and fangs. A riff on the Biblical story of creation and a fairy tale about two princes, three princesses, four witches, and so on are just a couple of the ways Tullet takes something as simple as counting to 10 and uses it as a springboard for loopy, creative experimentation. Ages 2–up. (Sept.)