cover image The Book with a Hole

The Book with a Hole

Herv%C3%A9 Tullet. Abrams/Tate, $14.50 paper (96p) ISBN 978-1-85437-946-7

As the title suggests, this oversize book has a die-cut hole%E2%80%94a large semicircle is cut out of the book's spine, which becomes a full circle in the center of the book when opened, serving different interactive functions in a series of spare b&w scenes. "Who's the king of the castle?" Tullet asks on one spread (the hole takes the place of the royal's head, so kids can "crown" themselves). In another spread, the hole is in the center of a traffic roundabout, and Tullet suggests placing a sculpture in the center. Some spreads offer explicit instructions ("Crumple up a sheet of paper, make a ball, and play basketball"), and many allow for free, creative expression ("What idea will you have next?"). As with his recent Press Here, Tullet's simple innovation allows readers to become active participants in the experience of reading. Ages 3%E2%80%938. (May)