cover image Invisible Kingdom, Vol. 1

Invisible Kingdom, Vol. 1

G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward. Dark Horse/Berger, $19.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-5067-1227-7

Like a smart pop-art feminist Star Wars, this neon-drenched space adventure follows a band of rebels against the evil forces of Lux, a megacorporation that owns seemingly everything in a futuristic world. Captain Grix of the cargo ship Sundog and her motley crew inadvertently uncover a conspiracy at the heart of Lux and go on the lam, narrowly surviving one space battle after another. They find an informant and reluctant ally in Vess, a nun whose supposedly ascetic religious order has secret corporate ties. The convoluted thriller plot is overshadowed, though, by the imaginative worldbuilding and stunning art. Wilson (the Ms. Marvel series) creates a complex far-future society with its own hierarchies, prejudices, and alien cultures—a beautiful, dangerous place inhabited by tough schemers speaking their own version of hardboiled noir dialogue: “You die alone, and then they dump your body out an airlock.” Artist Ward creates a universe of rainbow starfields, stylized cities, levitating monasteries, and aliens in ornate costume. By the end of the first installment, the plot remains somewhat scattershot, but fans of science fiction epics such as Saga will want to strap in for the longer ride with this promising new series. [em](Nov.) [/em]