cover image The Man-In-The-Moon in Love

The Man-In-The-Moon in Love

Jeff Brumbeau. Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, $14.95 (31pp) ISBN 978-1-55670-229-7

Why does the moon disappear on some nights, apparently, and at other times appear in all its effulgence? The Man-in-the-Moon, it seems, once fell in love with ``a woman who lived in a little blue house, deep in a forest glade.'' Like Barbara Berger's Grandfather Twilight (Philomel), this is an original myth that reverberates with the magical appeal of an ancient story. The debut of both author and illustrator is no run-of-the-mill picture book: though younger children may require an adult interpretation, the fantasy elements here are sure to prove engrossing. Brumbeau's text, seemingly straightforward, has an old-fashioned storybook charm. Couch's wistful, stylized art evinces a '30s romantic air--one can almost hear strains of big band music in the background. The illustrations are rich in midnight blue and pearly white and burn with an intense orange glow when the Man-in-the-Sun appears. This multifaceted tale will catch many children's fancies--and gladden the hearts of adults with an amatory bent as well. Ages 4-8. (Apr.)