cover image What Would Mama Do?

What Would Mama Do?

Judith Ross Enderle. Boyds Mills Press, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-56397-418-2

Never mind that geese typically live in flocks and fly south for chilly months: in Enderle and Tessler's (Six Sleepy Sheep) picture book, Mama Goose sends her only child, Lily, to restock the pantry for the winter. As Lily waddles from shop to shop, purchasing different weights of various items, she grows anxious over Faraday Fox, who is following her, making remarks about goose dinner. ``Oh! Oh! What would Mama do?'' Lily wonders, stalling the overly polite predator by making him carry her increasingly heavy packages. But despite their plentiful use of key words (``At the vegetable stand, Lily bargained for a bushel and a peck''), the authors don't provide a sense of just how big a bushel is, nor of what foodstuff is measured this way--and Demarest's (see Plane and Ship, reviewed above) workmanlike watercolors of unlabeled jars and paper bags fail to clarify matters. Even with the endpapers, which offer a factual list of weight systems, this book just doesn't measure up. Ages 3-6. (Sept.)