cover image Chimichanga


Eric Powell, with Dave Stewart. Dark Horse, $14.99 (104p) ISBN 978-1-59582-755-5

Powell (The Goon) tells a captivating story about a pint-sized bearded woman. We follow the adventures of Lula—imagine a Lilo-size version of Flemish baroque painter Anthony van Dyck—as she trades a lock of her hair for what turns out to be a bizarre-looking alien she names Chimichanga. Of course, the other members of her traveling freak show don’t all take kindly to Chimichanga, even though he might be the only attraction that will pack in enough curiosity seekers to turn a profit. Then there’s the witch who traded with Lula to worry about. She quickly discovers that a potion containing Lula’s hair can temporarily cure explosive flatulence. When an evil corporation, Dinderly Pharmaceuticals, acquires the potion —well, that’s when the intestinal distress really hits the proverbial fan. What makes this story work is not simply the artwork or the pacing, both of which are excellent, but its adorably indefatigable heroine. Occasionally, the book’s point about the identity of the real freaks in society is done with a heavy hand, but a bit of moralizing doesn’t detract from a strangely wonderful graphic narrative. (Oct.)