cover image Downfall of the Gods

Downfall of the Gods

K.J. Parker. Subterranean, $40 (112p) ISBN 978-1-59606-755-4

In this bitingly witty fantasy novella, Parker (the pseudonym of British author Tom Holt) imagines life from the perspective of a higher (though not necessarily better) being. The Lady of the Moon listens to prayers and grants absolutions, but when her supplicant Archias truly regrets his misdeeds, she uncharacteristically denies him; poor Archias gets condemned to hell without recourse. However, there are rules that even gods must follow, and the Lady of the Moon soon finds that it’s not so easy to interfere in the proper affairs of mortals. Yet she finds that there might just be a way to have her cake and eat it too. Parker (The Last Witness) slyly and creatively uses a well-rounded knowledge of religious and mythological texts to flesh out characters and scenes. Though it clocks in at just more than 100 pages, this novella packs the punch of a full-length work. [em](Apr.) [/em]