cover image The Living Dead

The Living Dead

, . . Night Shade, $15.95 (487pp) ISBN 978-1-59780-143-0

Recently prolific anthologist Adams (Seeds of Change ) delivers a superb reprint anthology that runs the gamut of zombie stories. There's plenty of gore, highlighted by Stephen King's “Home Delivery” and David Schow's classic “Blossom.” Less traditional but equally satisfying are Lisa Morton's “Sparks Fly Upward,” which analyzes abortion politics in a zombified world, and Douglas Winter's literary pastiche “Less than Zombie.” Also outstanding, Kelly Link's “Some Zombie Contingency Plans” and Hannah Wolf Bowen's “Everything Is Better with Zombies” take similar themes in wildly different directions. Neil Gaiman's impeccably crafted “Bitter Grounds” offers a change of pace with traditional Caribbean zombies. The sole original contribution, John Langan's “How the Day Runs Down,” is a darkly amusing twist on Thornton Wilder's Our Town . There's some great storytelling for zombie fans as well as newcomers. (Nov.)