cover image Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia

Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia

Brian Wood, Andrea Mutti, et al.. Dark Horse, $24.99 trade paper (262p) ISBN 978-1-61655-908-3

Native Vermonter Wood (Northlanders) pulls from the central mythology of his home state for a graphic novel that portrays the American struggle for independence from the points of view of the people who needed it the most. Building a war narrative around Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, the story follows Seth Abbott through the war years, exploring what he did during the conflict, what he lost, and what his wife and child paid for his involvement. Wood crafts dark dramatic elements with the rush of wartime action, capturing the adrenaline and soulful patriotism that could draw a person away from his own life for years. The larger story is followed by shorter slices of war that cover other concerns within the conflict, including those of women who played a role in combat, Native Americans who had to navigate the battle to ensure their own survival, and black combatants desiring actual independence in a war that focused on white men's freedom. Mutti (Marvel Zombies), the artist of the main story, adds atmosphere and historical detail along with strong storytelling. (May)