cover image The Couriers Complete Collection

The Couriers Complete Collection

Brian Wood, Rob G and Brett Weldele. Image (Diamond, dist.), $24.99 trade paper (360p) ISBN 978-1-60706-641-5

Eisner-nominated writer Wood collects the four books of his decade-old series. An action movie in print, the book introduces readers to two freelance couriers for delicate—and often illegal and violent—jobs: hard-core street girl Special, and rich boy turned ace mercenary Moustafa. Despite their bloody line of work, they are charming protagonists, action heroes on the wrong side of the law. There are some lines that the pair will not cross, and they fall into situations where they must protect a small girl from a murderous ex-Red Army general, take revenge on a racist militia, kill a mob boss, and save a family restaurant from violent takeover. While the two are never “good-guys,” readers will have an easy time rooting for them as they shoot their way through the underbelly of New York. Rob G’s art in the first three books is phenomenal; the action practically jumps off the page and into the reader’s imagination, with his stylized blurs and two-page spreads. The fourth story, with art by Weldele in a newsprint style, is a weaker conclusion, but the collection remains an entertaining, R-rated action ride. (Jan.)