cover image The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age

The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age

Marina Cantacuzino. Jessica Kingsley (, $25 (208p) ISBN 978-1-84905-566-6

For a decade, Cantacuzino's non-profit organization, the Forgiveness Project, has been devoted to eliciting personal narratives about forgiveness and reconciliation from people all over the world. This inspiring and heartbreaking collection reminds readers of the variety of tragedies that exist in the world, but also of the indomitable power of the human spirit. Whether it is the tale of a woman forgiving her father's killer, a white supremacist coming to terms with the damage he has done, or an Aboriginal man pondering the Australian government's policy of forcible child adoptions, readers will be absolutely immersed in these narratives. Throughout, Cantacuzino is careful to manage reader expectations about what forgiveness and reconciliation look like. She explains that this process never happens in quite the same way, and that it is never easy. What forgiveness does require is a staggering display of empathy, to a degree that may force readers to question deeply held assumptions. Cantacuzino also reminds readers that even aggressors have people who love them and that those who commit atrocities are still human beings. This book is thought-provoking and profoundly moving%E2%80%94a truly excellent collection of essays. (Apr.)