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Unit Sales Inched Up in First Half of 2015
B&N Cuts Its Way to Profitability
Fall 2015 Announcements: Business: Big Books from Big Names
The Verdict on 2014: Sales up 4.6%
The Bestselling E-books of 2014
A Lively BEA
BEA 2015: Coping with BEA’s Schedule Changes
BEA 2015: 'Fault in Our Stars' Top 2014 E-book Seller
BEA 2015: Harper Teams with Shazam
China at BEA 2015: China Has Ambitious Plans for BEA
Amazon Publishing Marches On
Mixed Signals From Three Publishers
BEA 2015: Something for Everyone
Books-A-Million Continues to Add More Items
Marc Jaffe Finds a Permanent Home
Spanning the Globe
Keeping the Momentum Going: Environmental Sustainability Books 2015
Print Units Rose 3% in the First Quarter
Acquisitions Help the Biggest Publishers Get Bigger
E-books Gained, Online Retailers Slipped in 2014
Publishers Posted Solid 2014 Sales Gains
B&N Execs Tout Promise of Retail-Digital Combination
Fast-Growing Independent Publishers, 2015
Meet Barnes & Noble Education
Baker & Taylor Returns to Its Core
Getting Serious about Spanish-Language Publishing
West Coast Port Dispute Could Sink Book Sales
Spring 2015 Announcements: Business & Economics: Turning the Corner
The Hottest (and Coldest) Book Categories of 2014
Ranking 2014 Children’s Bestsellers
Big Changes at Penguin Publishing Group
Publishing Merger and Acquisition Business Brisk in 2014
For Books, Print Is Back
Industry Stocks Struggled in 2014
Survival Test: Startup Review 2015
Another E-book Dip
Barnes & Noble Heads Back to the Future
Will Print Unit Sales Rise in 2014?
Brian Murray: PW Person of the Year
The Leading Players in the Amazon-Hachette Dispute: Notables of 2014
Reinventing Book Printing: Toward a Hybrid Market
The Amazon-Hachette Dispute is Over. Now What?
Stirring Things Up
Mass Market Paperback: Not Dead Yet
Perseus Regroups
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Nielsen: E-books Growth Continues in U.S. and U.K.
The Costs of Restructuring at Major Publishers
E-books Still Outsold by Hardcover and Paperback
Canadian Bestsellers: Canadian Publishing 2014
Publishing’s Holding Pattern: 2014 Salary Survey
Barnes & Noble Treads Water
The Penguin Publishing Group Takes Shape
For Major Publishers, A Not-So-Profitable Six Months
Amazon vs Hachette: It’s Getting Nasty
Harper 2014 Earnings Jump 5%; S&S Second Quarter Up 12%
Publishers' Acquisition Activity Picks Up
PWSI Down 10.2% In 2014 to Date
Print Unit Sales Up 1% in First Half of 2014
Barnes & Noble Tries Again
Book Sales Dipped in 2013
Perseus Books Group, 1996-2014
Fall 2014 Book Announcements: Business & Economics: A Closer Look
F+W Looks Forward
BookCon Off to a (Mostly) Good Start
A Bustling BEA 2014
BEA 2014: Ingram, Edelweiss Combine for POD Catalogues
BEA 2014: Can Anyone Compete with Amazon?
Coffey Hangs ’Em Up
The Weekly Bounce: The Best Weeks for Book Sales
Italy to Promote Southern Houses
For Publishers, A Quiet Start to 2014
Hastings Fights Digital Disruption
Retailers Finding Space for Diverse Range of Titles
With Harlequin Acquisition, HarperCollins Grows Again
Print, Digital Book Sales Settle Down
Mixed Messages From Margins
Sales Up Slightly in 2013
Only the Beginning For PRH
Hoping for a Spring Thaw
Fast-Growing Independent Publishers, 2014
Barnes & Noble: A Tale of Two Companies
Children’s Books: A Shifting Market
Bookstore Sales Decline Slowed in 2013
Spring 2014 Announcements: Women and Baby Boomers First: Business & Economics
Dutton Marks 150 Years of Publishing
Good Enterprises Winds Down
Time-Life Books Gets Set for a Return
Sales of Print Units Slipped in 2013
Industry Stocks Soared in 2013
Chris Knopf to Become Permanent Press Partner
Trends Firm Up
Book Sales Up During Thanksgiving Week 2013
Oren Teicher and the ABA Board: PW's Person of the Year
A Season of Decision For Barnes & Noble
A Mixed Blessing in Slowing E-book Sales
Amazon Publishing: More Than Bricks-and-Mortar
For Major Publishers, Will Print No Longer Be the Norm?
APSS Sets Its Sights on Special Markets
Tantor Media: More than Audio
The PW Publishing Industry Salary Survey, 2013
Frankfurt Book Fair 2013: E-books Go Global
NEA Presents New Findings on Adult Reading
Reinventing Book Printing Toward a Hybrid Market
E-book Sales Growth Slows in 2013
ReaderLink Head Calls for Higher E-book Prices
Change at the Top at Smashwords
Changes Coming Slowly to Penguin Random House
Spotlight on Book-Buying Behavior
A Profitable Six Months for Most Publishers
B&N Tries Keeping It Together
Spotlight on Book-Buying Behavior
HarperCollins Steps Up in Fiction
Pegasus Builds on Record 2012
Spotlight on Book-Buying Behavior
A New Era at Thames & Hudson
Keeping the Green in Publishing
Decision Time for Barnes & Noble
Penguin Random House Begins
Industry Stocks Rose 12.8% in First Six Months of 2013
What Does B&N Do Next?
Brown and More Brown
Fall 2013 Announcements: Business - Superpower Stories
The New HarperCollins
Three-Way Tie for Romance: Focus on Romance 2013
BEA 2013: Online Communities Upward Bound
BEA 2013: The Show Evolves
BEA 2013: IngramSpark Sparks
BEA 2013: Suchomel's Big Move to Perseus
BEA 2013: The E-book Boom Years
Trade Books a Winner in 2012
Online Retailers, E-books Gained in 2012
After 37 Years, Winton Steps Back
‘Inferno’ Heats Up Social Media
International Titles Finding New Ways into the U.S.
How Deep Has Digital Backlist Gone?
More Than a Digital Book World
E-book Sales Bolster Publishers' Bottom Lines
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Continues To Evolve
Hyperion Goes All In on Synergy
New ‘Abstract’ Holds Lots of Data
The Fastest-Growing Independent Publishers, 2012
Barnes & Noble at the Crossroads
‘Sniper’ Tops Oscars in Social Media
Consumer Shifts for Children's Books
As E-books Grow, So Does Amazon
Quercus Sets Its Sights on September U.S. Launch
Spring 2013 Announcements: Business & Economics: Taking Stock
The Building Blocks of Penguin Random House
Touching the Bases at Digital Book World
Kids’ E-book Reading Jumps
Print Loosens Grip on the Coasts
The Wal-Mart Effect
2012: Beyond Disruption: The Year in Review
Industry Stocks Posted Big Gains In 2012
Rate of Print Decline Flattened in 2012
Wiley Exchanges Trade For Development
Hearst Puts a Toe Back in Trade Publishing
More Mixed Signals From Barnes & Noble
Tablet Use, E-book Sales Grow Beyond Amazon, Nook
Tallying Sandy’s Losses
Kindle Share of E-book Reading at 55%
Making the Penguin Random House Merger Work
E-books Market Share at 22%, Amazon Has 27%
Random Penguins?
A Solid Six Months for Trade Sales
B&N, Microsoft Complete Deal to Create Nook Media
Igloo Books Building U.S. Presence
A Mixed First Half for Worldwide Publishing
Amazon’s Prime Advantage
Checks, or Credit: The Broad Strokes of the States’ E-book Settlement
B&N Will Rise or Fall with Content
What Happened To the Long Tail?
Amazon Picks Up Market Share
Industry Sales Pegged At $27.2 Billion
After Great Year, Scholastic Tries For Encore
Digital Imprints Take Root
PW Select July 2012: Taking the Measure of Self-Publishing
Big Six-Month Bounce for Industry Stocks
Digital Sales Up 38% at B&N
B&N Eyes Nook Bookstores in 10 Countries Within A Year
Another Mixed Bag For Barnes & Noble
Margins Up At Wiley
Fall 2012 Announcements: Business - It's the Economy, Stupid
Book Boom
A Buoyant BEA
BEA 2012: De Agostini USA Sets Up Shop
BEA 2012: America Reads Spanish
BEA 2012: More Self-Publishing
BEA 2012: More Books for Amazon
Macmillan Puts Its Green Foot Forward
The March of the E-books
The Tortured History of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
DeAgostini Publishing Tackles the U.S. Market
The Changing Online Mix
Barnes & Noble and Microsoft: A Win-Win?
Weighing the Consequences
The 10% Standard
Twists and Turns in Class Action Pricing Lawsuit
Earnings, Margins Rise at Random
BAM Overcomes Weak Comps
The Evidence Mounts
Catching the Digital Wave
More Mixed Messages From B&N
Edelweiss Ramps Up E-galley Service
Profits Rise Again at Simon & Schuster
Bookstore Sales Slipped in 2011
Eventful Year For NBN
The Kindle Multiplier
Spring 2012 Announcements: Business: Global Reach
Moving Toward a Hybrid Market
An Odd Third Quarter
Another Makeover for B&N
Stocks Slipped In 2011
Print Decline Accelerated In 2011
The Amazon Workaround
Council Oak Gets Makeover
The Amazon Price Check App and The Battle over 'Showrooming'
David Shanks: PW Person of the Year 2011
Whither the Sales Rep
Print Comes Up Short
Mixed Signals From B&N
Digital Devices Riding High
Digital and More at PubWest 2011
BAM!’s Stores In Place
DK Publishing Bounces Back
E-tailers, E-books Move Ahead
Abboud Looks To Put the ‘E’–In Levy
A Pattern of Success at C&T Publishing
New Directions For National Geographic Books
Barnes & Noble: Cashing In
Big Houses Stay In the Black
The Latest E-Book Buying Trends
Selling Abroad: Thrillers Rule In Fiction: International Bestsellers August 2011
The Top Pay Grade
Tracking the Transition: Bookstats
E Not Replacing P
Scholastic Settles Down In Fiscal 2011
Online Retailers Steam Ahead
E-book Pricing 101
Looking for the Right Number
Print Units Drop 10% In First Half of 2011
Borders Resolution in Sight
Industry Stocks Up for Six Months
Fall 2011 Announcements: Business & Economics: Digging Out, Moving Forward
Book Exports Had Small Gain in 2010
Fiction Rules E-Books
A Better Vibe at BEA 2011
What's Amazon Up To?
Acting on Impulse
Will Riggio Pull The Trigger?
Sticking with Books
Amazon As Publisher, Publishers As E-tailers
Lots More of the Same
A Mix That Includes Fewer Books
ABC News High On Enhanced E-books
Print Stumbles Early As E-Books Skyrocket
Martin Levin Takes a Turn As Author
A Profitable Transition, So Far
Chain Sales Slipped 3% In 2010
B&N Is #1 in Trade Books
Embracing Change, Committed to Mission
Lagardere Publishing Has Post-Meyer Declines
B&N Looks for the Right Print, Digital Balance
Downward Trend in Bookstore Sales Continues
Borders Bankruptcy to Ripple Through Industry
Borders's Fall From Grace
The 'Times' Shakes Its Lists
It's a Digital Book World
Amazon Ups Its Edge
Indie Presses Brace for Less Shelf Space
Units Had Modest Decline in 2010
Worst-Case Scenarios: Contemplating Life After Borders
Stocks Rise Again in 2010
The 2010 Decision: Bush, Larsson Tops
Heading to a Digital Holiday
PW Select: Self Publishing Comes of Age
Crunch Time For Borders
Len Riggio: PW's Person of the Year
Digital Reader Penetration Accelerates
Profiling Audiobook Customers
Sustaining Sustainability
A Link to the Future
Print Declines Offset Digital Gains
Publishers Give New Nook Good Marks
Casemate Adds Apps, Catalogue To Arsenal
B&N's PubIt Newest Self-Publishing Entrant
After Proxy Win, More Challenges for B&N
Spending on Books Dips
Not Your Father's Ingram
U.S.-Bound Authors Tops in Germany, Sweden
Smith to Succeed Pesce at Wiley
Merits of Joint BEA/ALA Convention Weighed
Book Exports Dipped in First Half of 2010
Taking the 'Book' Out of Bookstores
Random, Harper Ride the Publishing Carousel Up
Barnes & Noble, Burkle Draw Battle Lines
Lamb Aiming For a New Vantage Point
Chains, Fiction, Paperback Ruled in 2009
Allin Steps Up At John Wiley
The Odyssey of Wylie vs. Random
Publishers Have Uneven Recovery
Hardcovers Safe for Now
NetGalley Hits Pay Dirt
Harlequin Builds A Nonfiction Presence
New Era for Penguin Canada
Barnes & Noble Sees Bright Future
New Amazon Program Spurs Complaints
BEA 2010: Short but Sweet
Borders Strategy: Fewer Stores, More Digital
Dohle Remodels Random House
HMH Trade & Reference Group Climbs Back
Slow Economy, Weaker List Result in Decline at S&S
Mass Market Paperbacks Hang On, for Now
Refocused: Mavjee Reshapes Crown Publishing
Crown Restructured Into Distinct Groups; Shaye Areheart Books Closed
McGraw-Hill Education Has Small First Quarter Gain
Hachette's Nashville Office Realigned
New Head for a New BEA
Phoenix Books Closes
Courier Has Mixed Second Quarter
Blowout Quarter for Amazon
BEA Next Stop for LBF (Non) Attendees
Amazon Sues North Carolina over Demand for Customer Records
London Book Fair: Americans MIA
Self-Published Titles Topped 764,000 in 2009 as Traditional Output Dipped
AAP: Book Sales Dipped in 2009
Chain Sales Head Downhill
Consumers Show Growing Satisfaction with e-Books
Morgan James Signs with CoreSource, Ups Royalty Split
Harper Heading Back Up
Rich Leaving 'NYT' Publishing Beat
Book Sales Fell 1.8% in 2009, to $23.8 Billion, AAP Says
Penguin Sets December Pub Date for New Clancy
Borders Paying Two Execs $869,000 in Severance
Borders Tries Again to Find the Winning Formula
iPad Launch, Agency Model Scramble the Supply Chain
Demand for Exports, Imports Down in 2009
F+W Media Signs with Apple
First Agency Model Casualty: Amazon Not Selling New Penguin e-Books
Solid Quarter for Scholastic
Borders Lives as New Financing Arranged
Borders Cuts Loss as Sales Fall 13%
Random House Ends Slide
Earnings Up on Sales Decline at Books-A-Million; Preps E-book Plans
Borders Makes Store Layoffs in What Employees Dub 'Black Thursday'
Barnes & Noble to Test Bundling e-Books, p-Books
Canadian Market Up Slightly in 2009
Random House Forms Digital Leadership Team
Riggio: Barnes & Noble to Become E-Commerce Retailer
College Stores, Nook Offset Weak Trade Sales at Barnes & Noble
Sales, Earnings Off at Simon & Schuster
Hachette USA Has Record Year Despite Down Fourth Quarter
Big Quarter for HarperCollins
Murdoch Expects Amazon to Negotiate E-book Terms
Investor Wants to Up Barnes & Noble Stake
Courier Corp. Has Better First Quarter
Amazon, Booklocker Settle
Holiday Sales Disappoint at Borders Group
Running Press Archive Donated to University of Pennsylvania
Retail Nation: Some Holiday Cheer for Indies
Units Post Modest Decline In 2009
Stocks Rebound In 2009
Simon & Schuster Reorganizes Field Sales Operation
Lubeck Named Executive Director of Book Industry Study Group
Scholastic Weathers Rough Economy
Authors Guild Calls Dohle Letter "Regrettable and Unhelpful"
Phoenix Books Rises in New Direction
S&S Draws Line in Digital Sand With Delay of E-book Titles
Baker & Taylor Acquires Blackwell North America
Neil Levin Launches EverPub
Ammer Resigns from Random House
Hachette to Significantly Up Use of Recycled Fiber as Part of New Environmental Policy
Springer Partners with CreateSpace for Print on Demand
BookSurge, CreateSpace Merge
Little Cheer from Chains
Barnes & Noble Has Mixed Quarter, Lowers Earnings Guidance
Borders Third Quarter Results "Difficult and Disappointing"
Barnes & Noble Responds to Burkle Investment with Rights Plan
Ingram Continues to Distribute Bankrupt Graphic Arts Center Press
Harlequin, Author Solutions Form Self-Publishing Imprint Harlequin Horizons
Smashwords in Deal with Shortcovers
Little, Brown Inks Snicket Deal with Handler
Cengage Learning Charges Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with Breach of Contract
WEbook Launches AgentInBox to Connect Authors and Agents Online
Extension Granted in Google Settlement
Barnes & Noble Touts Three-Prong Approach
The Nook is Barnes & Noble Top Seller
Barnes & Noble Sees Store Consolidation Ahead
Barnes & Noble Defends Its Turf
Weak School Sales Drop Results at McGraw-Hill Education
ABA Asks for Government Investigation of Price Wars
GSL Publishing Associates Handling Arcade Sale
Weinstein Books Partners with Perseus
Kane/Miller Conspires to Build a Hit
Frankfurt Book Fair: Friedman Expounds on Open Road Integrated Media
Frankfurt Book Fair: Penguin Adopts New Global Management Approach
Frankfurt Book Fair: Americans Watching Costs Amid Weak Economy
Questions Mount Before Debut of International Kindle
B&N Remains Cautious for Holidays
Earthscan Acquires Assets of RFF Press
Comps Off at Barnes & Noble Retail, College Groups
Kindle Goes International; U.S. Price Lowered
S&S, Disney Try New Models
Deborah Fine Succeeds Goldfarb at Direct Brands
Simon & Schuster Unites Pocket, Simon Spotlight Entertainment in Gallery Books Imprint
Frankfurt Book Fair: Survey Finds Publishers In Search of New Business Models
Recession Wrecks Exports, Imports
Scholastic Has Strong First Quarter
QR Codes Tie Print, Online Marketing
Simon & Schuster Issues Digital Piracy Policy
Borders Names Michael Edwards New Head of Merchandising
It’s Good to Be Hachette
Haights Cross to Restructure Debt As Part of Pre-Packaged Bankruptcy
Blu Sky Media Shutting Down
Kindle Market Share on the Rise
Borders Leads Chains Downward
BBC Audiobooks for Sale
Haights Cross Tries Another Debt Restructuring; Operating Units Unaffected
Sales Down, Loss Up in “Transitional” Quarter at Borders
Jane Friedman Raises $3 Million
Cost-Conscious Consumers Put Drag on Sales
HMH, Reader's Digest Overhaul Finances
Sales Slip But Profits Up at Books-A-Million
Sales Drop 5% at Barnes & Noble
Haights Cross Struggles With Debt, Completes Recorded Books Reorg
Second Quarter Results Off at Hastings
Borders Hires Larry Norton, Reorganizes Paperchase U.S.
Horrow Gets Sports Show
Barnes & Noble to Buy B&N College Booksellers
Penguin Floats BEA Consumer-Event Concept
HarperCollins Has Down Year
Charges Lead to Loss at HarperCollins in Fiscal 2009
Publishing Sales Flat at Marvel
Weaker Canadian Dollar Helps Lift Harlequin
Results Tumble at McGraw-Hill Education
Scholastic Says Profits Will Rise in 2010
Cracks in Amazon's E-book Empire
Barnes & Noble Launches e-Book Store
Uproar Over Amazon Retracting Select Kindle Editions
New York Center for Independent Publishing Looks for New Direction
Restructuring Results in Smaller DK Publishing
Reorg at Harvard University Press Eliminates Six Positions
Delay in Honorarium Payments Newest Rift Between NYCIP, GSMT
New Company Buys Gareth Stevens
Penguin Launches Online Network
Freese Heading Back to National Book Network as President
Osprey Up in 2008
Arcade Publishing Files Chapter 11
Dover Introduces Flat Discount for Booksellers
Big Third Quarter Loss for Reader’s Digest; Search for Stevens Buyer Continues
BookExpo America 2009 Seen as Productive Show
Big Chains Stumble at Start
New Approach, New Look from Baker & Taylor
BookExpo America 2009: Book Sales Rose 1% in 2008, BISG Says
Baker & Taylor, Donnelley in Print-on-Demand Pact
BookExpo America 2009: HarperCollins Featuring e-Galleys at BEA
Borders Sales Fall 12% in First Quarter
Ingram Adds Ingram Digital to Newly Formed Ingram Content Group
Books-A-Million Posts First-Quarter Gains
Sales Fall Less Than Expected at Barnes & Noble; Has Improved Outlook
Morgan James Launches Two Imprints
Number of On-demand Titles Topped Traditional Books in 2008
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Rosen Publishing Team to Form New Publishing Initiative
Alibris Expanding Distribution Services
BookExpo America 2009: Sterling's Leaver Down on Trade Shows, High on Digital Catalogues
Simon & Schuster Has Rough First Quarter
Charges Result in $38 Million Loss at HarperCollins
In S&S Kids Reorg, New Roles for Chanda, Anastas; Dryden to Leave
Harlequin Has First Quarter Gains in Sales, Earnings
Marvel Publishing Dips in Quarter; Expects Better Second Half
Penguin, Hachette Gained in Tough 2008
Norton Deal Part Of New Push for Dalkey Archive
Barnes & Noble Launches Audiobook Store
Books Move Up At Hastings
BEA 2009: A Different Look For a Difficult Time
Amazon Sales Jump, Though Media Growth Slower
Random to Release Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' in September
Internet Archive Latest to Object to Google Settlement
Marshall Vows to “Do Whatever Is Necessary” to Turn Borders Books Around
A Down Year for Random House
Stephenie Meyer Phenomenon Propels Hachette Books
HarperCollins to Use Electronic Catalogue for Fall Books
Travel Book Market Tanked In 2008
Sale of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade Moving Ahead
Currency Issues, U.S. Economy Result in Down Quarter at Wiley
All Units Contribute To Record 2008 At Penguin USA
B&N Buys Fictionwise; Will Start e-Bookstore
A Million Kindles by Thanksgiving?
Marvel Holds on in 2008
HarperCollins Closes Bowen Press
Harper Closing Collins; Other Layoffs Planned
Search for BEC Replacement Begins
Reader’s Digest Cuts 280 Positions
PW’s Person of the Year: Jeff Bezos
Which Way for BEA, BEC?
B&N Confronts Changing Market, Bad Environment
Tough Times to Get Ahead
B&N.com Starts to Pick Up the Pace
Murray to Stay the Course
Random's Search For Growth
Amazon: Friend or Foe?
Books Slip at Books-A-Million
Amazon Highlights: Kindle in Stock; Does Collect Tax
Square One Signs Movie Deal with Ang Lee
Random Reviews its Green Progress
As Amazon Soars, Bookstores Creep
Handicapping a B&N Takeover of Borders
Amazon to Force POD Publishers to Use BookSurge
Used Titles Drive Book Sales at Hastings
Publishers Keeping An Eye on Borders
Random Results Off; B’mann May Sell Clubs
B&N Sees Tough Year Ahead
Rinaldi Leaving Bloomsbury for Rodale
U.S. Drives Gains at Penguin
Random House and HC Test Drive Online Access to Their Books
More Records for Amazon; Scrambling to Meet Kindle Demand
Bloomsbury USA Eliminates Seven Jobs
Amazon Soared, Borders Plunged in '07
Penguin Canada Tops C$100 Million
Amazon Upgrade Tops 100,000 Titles
Scholastic Will Exit Home Continuities; Posts Quarterly Gains
HM Completes Harcourt Purchase
Chain Sales Rise 5.6% to $2 Billion
Higher Customer Traffic Boosts Borders
B&N Touts Benefit Of Mature Market
HarperCollins Has ‘Lousy Quarter’
Harlequin Gets Serious About Nonfiction
Wiley Hits 200
McGraw-Hill Education Posts Strong Third Quarter
Disney Heads to White Plains
Books-A-Million Accelerates Store Openings, Will Enter Pennsylvania, Nebraska
Holtzbrinck’s U.S. Arm Now Macmillan
Berger to Succeed Holton at Scholastic
Borders Beta Redesign Up for Customer Feedback
Consortium Making Progress, But More Needed
Borders Shareholders Want Board Seat
Hyperion to Move Downtown
Court Approves Perseus Bid for PGW Name, B&T Payment to AMS
Gomez Named to Online Spot at Penguin
Holtzbrinck Posts Sales Hikes
Amazon Tries Self-Publishing
Reidy Ready to Run S&S
AuthorHouse Acquires iUniverse
Is Borders at a Tipping Point?
‘Hallows’ Boosts Borders, but Charges Increase Loss
‘Hallows’ Proves Magical for BAM
B&N Won’t Stock If I Did It in Stores
Harlequin Profits Jump on Modest Sales Rise
Penguin's Profits, Sales Hurt By Weak Dollar
Harry's in a League of His Own
AMS Claims B&T Owes $6.2 Million
Scholastic Gives Continuities Last Chance
Scholastic Trying to Plug Web Leaks
Measuring Bookselling
Amazon Buys Brilliance Audio
Tessitore to Step Down at HarperCollins
Book Clubs Look to Turn Web from Foe to Friend
Chelsea Green to Publish Wolf Political Tract
Borders Changes Loyalty Program
Wiley Buys Anker Publishing Assets
B&T Buys AMS's Book Club Wholesaling Assets
HarperCollins Inks Deal for Berenstain Bears
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