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PW editors Rose Fox and Mark Rotella talk to authors and present the latest book and publishing news in this weekly radio program. Follow us at @PubWklyRadio or email us at

114 PW Radio 114: Sara Forte and London Book Fair
To wrap up PW's cookbook month, food blogger and caterer Sara Forte discusses 'The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon,' her new cookbook about one-dish meals. PW senior writer Andrew Albanese whets our appetites for the London Book Fair.
03/27/2015 Listen
113 PW Radio 113: Kabir Sehgal and April Nonfiction
On today’s show, Kabir Sehgal, author of 'Coined,' talks about how people make decisions about money. Then PW reviews editor Alex Crowley previews two hot nonfiction titles coming out in April.
03/20/2015 Listen
112 PW Radio 112: Cathy Erway and Cookbooks Month
March is cookbooks month at PW! Cathy Erway, author of 'The Food of Taiwan,' discusses combining recipes with a fascinating history lesson; PW writer Lela Nargi talks about the intersection of cookbooks and technology.
03/13/2015 Listen
111 PW Radio 111: Carrie Patel and Fast-Growing Small Presses
On today’s show, author Carrie Patel discusses her debut novel, 'The Buried Life,' a murder mystery set in a future that feels like the past. Then PW editorial director Jim Milliot previews the upcoming PW feature on fast-growing small presses.
03/06/2015 Listen
110 PW Radio 110: Kevin Sessums and Spirituality Books Preview
Kevin Sessums, author of 'I Left It on the Mountain,' talks about unexpected epiphanies and living a life of stillness. PW senior spirituality and religion editor Lynn Garrett previews forthcoming books on near-death experiences and spiritual practice.
02/27/2015 Listen
109 PW Radio 109: Richard Lange and Books After Jon Stewart
On today’s show, author Richard Lange discusses his new short fiction collection, 'Sweet Nothing.' Then PW news director Rachel Deahl looks at television and radio coverage of books in light of book champion Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show.
02/20/2015 Listen
108 PW Radio 108: Naomi Baron and Best Audio Books
Author, educator, and researcher Naomi Baron talks about how economic pressures are driving the shift to digital reading. PW reviews editor Annie Coreno introduces 2014's best audio books.
02/13/2015 Listen
107 PW Radio 107: Joshua Davis and Children's Book Awards
Joshua Davis discusses 'Spare Parts,' the story of some talented and determined young roboticists. PW children’s reviews editor John Sellers introduces this year’s winners of the major children’s book awards.
02/06/2015 Listen
106 PW Radio 106: Greer Macallister and Winter Institute's Tenth Anniversary
Debut author Greer Macallister discusses her extensive research for her historical fiction debut, 'The Magician's Lie.' PW senior bookselling editor Judith Rosen celebrates the tenth anniversary of Winter Institute, where booksellers gather to meet authors and share ideas.
01/30/2015 Listen
105 PW Radio 105: Brandon Sanderson and Spring Books Preview
​Bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson talks about pitting ordinary humans against supervillains in his Reckoners series. PW reviews director Louisa Ermelino previews the most anticipated books of spring.
01/23/2015 Listen
104 PW Radio 104: Ilyasah Shabazz and Supporting Free Speech
Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, describes how she turned her father’s childhood years into 'X: A Novel.' Then PW president George Slowik discusses PW’s efforts to support free speech following the attack on 'Charlie Hebdo.'
01/16/2015 Listen
103 PW Radio 103: Daniel Jose Older and Big Debuts of the Season
Daniel José Older, author of Half-Resurrection Blues and a musician and composer, talks about "the beautiful, painful ambiguity" of both music and fiction. PW deputy reviews editor Gabe Habash introduces some more exciting debut authors in a sneak peek of PW's upcoming First Fiction feature.
01/09/2015 Listen
102 PW Radio 102
Interviews from the PW Radio archive: Jeannie Lin explores romance and intrigue in Tang Dynasty China, and Shahan Mufti traces his family through the past and present of Pakistan.
01/02/2015 Listen
101 PW Radio 101
Interviews from the PW Radio archive: Jennifer Senior and Lori Duron discuss the joys and perils of parenting.
12/26/2014 Listen
100 PW Radio 100: Gay Talese
For episode #100, Gay Talese, author of The Bridge (just reissued for its 50th anniversary), gets to the heart of journalism: 'Show up. Be there. Testify.' Then PW editors Calvin Reid and Diane Patrick talk about ways to increase racial diversity in the publishing industry.
12/19/2014 Listen
99 PW Radio 99: Gilbert Hernandez
On today's show, powerhouse comics creator Gilbert Hernandez talks about blending punk and science fiction in his graphic stories. PW Select and BookLife Editor Adam Boretz discusses BookLife's Best Self-published Books for 2014 and provides some hot tips for indie authors.
12/12/2014 Listen
98 PW Radio 98
Interviews from the PW Radio archive, featuring Michael Paterniti and Dinaw Mengestu.
12/05/2014 Listen
97 PW Radio 97
Interviews from the PW Radio archive, featuring Beverly Jenkins and Paul Rosolie
11/26/2014 Listen
96 PW Radio 96: Joanna Bourne
On today’s show, author Joanna Bourne talks about combining romance, intrigue, and history in 'Rogue Spy.' PW news editors Calvin Reid and Clare Swanson recap the groundbreaking, controversial National Book Awards.
11/21/2014 Listen
95 PW Radio 95: Cory Doctorow
This week, author and activist Cory Doctorow, author of 'Information Doesn't Want to Be Free,' explains why the internet is an author's best friend. Then PW editorial director Jim Milliot brings us breaking news on a new deal between Amazon and Hachette.
11/14/2014 Listen
94 PW Radio 94: Rose Levy Beranbaum
On today’s show, author Rose Levy Beranbaum discusses 'The Baking Bible.' Then PW news editor Clare Swanson goes deeper into the world of cookbooks.
11/07/2014 Listen
93 PW Radio 93: Maira Kalman
Author and artist Maira Kalman discusses her new book, 'My Favorite Things.' PW reviews director Louisa Ermelino discusses PW's 2014 Top 10 Best Books.
10/31/2014 Listen
92 PW Radio 92: Scott Ian
On today's show, author Scott Ian discusses I'm the Man, his memoir about his years performing with Anthrax. Then Heidi MacDonald tells us about the French invasion in comics.
10/24/2014 Listen
91 PW Radio 91: Michaela DePrince
Ballerina Michaela DePrince talks about writing her memoir, 'Taking Flight,' with her mother. Calvin Reid recaps the hustle and bustle of New York Comic Con.
10/17/2014 Listen
90 PW Radio 90: Louise DeSalvo
Louise DeSalvo explains 'The Art of Slow Writing.' Then PW nonfiction reviews editor Annie Coreno brings in some exciting new books on technology.
10/10/2014 Listen
89 PW Radio 89: Jana Bommersbach
Author Jana Bommersbach discusses the history and myth of 'Cattle Kate: A Mystery.' PW religion reviews editor Marcia Z. Nelson provides a tour of the American Christian Fiction Writers conference.
10/03/2014 Listen
88 PW Radio 88: Joyce Carol Oates
On today's show, Joyce Carol Oates talks about editing the anthology 'Prison Noir.' PW poetry reviews editor Alex Crowley highlights some dark and beautiful poetry books for autumn.
09/26/2014 Listen
87 PW Radio 87: Justin Martin
Biographer Justin Martin discusses his new book, 'Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians.' PW reviews editor Mark Rotella explores an exciting Sicilian publishing initiative.
09/19/2014 Listen
86 PW Radio 86: Diane Ackerman
Author Diane Ackerman discusses her powerful new book, 'The Human Age.' PW children's reviews editor John Sellers highlights some under-the-radar kids' books for fall.
09/12/2014 Listen
85 PW Radio 85: Karen Abbott
Author Karen Abbott discusses her new American history book, 'Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy.' PW marketing Manager Bryan Kinney highlights some upcoming PW webcasts and events.
09/05/2014 Listen
84 PW Radio 84: Kara Braden
Author Kara Braden discusses her debut novel, 'The Longest Night.' Plus, PW senior reviews editor Peter Cannon previews some upcoming thrillers.
08/29/2014 Listen
83 PW Radio 83: Patrick Swenson
Author and editor Patrick Swenson discusses his debut novel, 'The Ultra Thin Man.' PW reviews director Louisa Ermelino explains what indie authors can expect when they submit books to PW.
08/22/2014 Listen
82 PW Radio 82: Gabriel Weston
On today's show, author Gabriel Weston discusses her debut novel, 'Dirty Work.' Then PW senior writer Andrew Albanese and news director Rachel Deahl dig into the latest goings-on with Amazon and Hachette.
08/15/2014 Listen
81 PW Radio 81: Rudy Rasmus
On today's show, author and pastor Rudy Rasmus discusses his new book, 'Love. Period.' PW senior news editor Calvin Reid comes back for the second half of his in-depth report on San Diego Comic-Con.
08/08/2014 Listen
80 PW Radio 80: Maximillian Potter
Maximillian Potter, author of 'Shadows in the Vineyard,' explores agricultural terrorism and the love of the land in Burgundy's famous wineries. PW senior news editor Calvin Reid hits the highlights of Comic-Con International in San Diego, including the Eisner Awards and some surprising news from Chuck Palahniuk.
08/01/2014 Listen
79 PW Radio 79: Sharona Muir
On today's show, author Sharona Muir discusses her new novel 'Invisible Beasts,' in which a woman discovers she has the rare ability to see unusual and mysterious creatures. Then PW editorial director Jim Milliot explains how changes at one book distributor could affect the entire publishing industry.
07/25/2014 Listen
78 PW Radio 78: Joseph Luzzi
Joseph Luzzi discusses his new memoir, 'My Two Italies.' PW VP Carl Pritzkat unveils PW’s new tool for indie authors.
07/18/2014 Listen
77 PW Radio 77: June Melby
June Melby discusses her new book, 'My Family and Other Hazards.' Nonfiction editor Mark Rotella previews some very tasty cookbooks.
07/11/2014 Listen
76 PW Radio 76: Paul Raeburn
On today’s show, author Paul Raeburn discusses his new book, 'Do Fathers Matter?' Then PW editorial director Jim Milliot provides a rundown of the largest global publishers.
06/27/2014 Listen
75 PW Radio 75: Ted Steinberg
On today's show, author Ted Steinberg discusses his new book about New York City's ecosystem, 'Gotham Unbound.' PW senior writer Andrew Albanese previews the upcoming American Library Association annual conference.
06/20/2014 Listen
74 PW Radio 74: Jim Butcher
Jim Butcher discusses the newest Dresden Files novel, 'Skin Game.' PW comics reviews editor Heidi MacDonald compares BookCon to comics conventions.
06/13/2014 Listen
73 PW Radio 73: Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis talks about his new memoir, 'The Man from Essence: Creating A Magazine For Black Women.' Deputy reviews editor Gabe Habash explores PW’s First Fiction feature.
06/06/2014 Listen
72 PW Radio 72: Sophie Jordan
Author Sophie Jordan discusses her sexy new novel, 'Tease.' Radio hosts Mark Rotella and Rose Fox give their first impressions of this year's Book Expo America.
05/30/2014 Listen
71 PW Radio 71: Kseniya Melnik
Kseniya Melnik talks about her debut short story collection, 'Snow in May.' PW co-editorial director Jim Milliot provides a preview of next week's Book Expo.
05/23/2014 Listen
70 PW Radio 70: Julia Dahl
Debut author Julia Dahl discusses her mystery novel, Invisible City. Craig Teicher, PW's director of digital operations, provides an exclusive look at PW's forthcoming MFA supplement.
05/16/2014 Listen
69 PW Radio 69: Bob Mankoff
Bob Mankoff talks about his illustrated memoir, "How About Never—Is Never Good for You?" PW mystery reviews editor Peter Cannon recaps the Edgar Awards.
05/09/2014 Listen
68 PW Radio Show 68: Mike Magner
Journalist Mike Magner discusses his military exposé, 'A Trust Betrayed.' PW religion reviews editor Marcia Z. Nelson recaps the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing.​
05/02/2014 Listen
67 PW Radio 67: Dinaw Mengestu
Author Dinaw Mengestu discusses his new novel, 'All Our Names.' Then PW reviews editor Annie Coreno dishes on celebrity books and Brien McDonald gives an exclusive preview of the upcoming BookCon.
04/25/2014 Listen
66 PW Radio 66: Colman Andrews
Culinary columnist Colman Andrews discusses his new memoir, "My Usual Table: A Life in Restaurants." And PW Deputy Reviews Editor Gabe Habash gives a rundown of this year’s Pulitzer winners.
04/18/2014 Listen
65 PW Radio 65: Adam Begley
Adam Begley discusses his new biography, "Updike." Reviews editor Alex Crowley talks new poetry for PW's annual celebration of Poetry Month.
04/11/2014 Listen
64 PW Radio 64: Mireille Guiliano
Mireille Guiliano discusses her new book, "French Women Don’t Get Facelifts." PW senior reviews editor Peter Cannon provides an inside look at the politics of Sherlock Holmes fandom.
04/04/2014 Listen
63 PW Radio 63: Sarah Pinborough
Sarah Pinborough discusses her murder mystery, "Mayhem." Then PW senior news editor Rachel Deahl talks about which books will be hot at the London Book Fair.
03/28/2014 Listen
62 PW Radio 62: Phil Klay
Phil Klay discusses his new short story collection, "Redeployment." PW senior writer Andrew Albanese provides a preview of the upcoming London Book Fair.
03/21/2014 Listen
61 PW Radio Show 61: Helen Oyeyemi
Helen Oyeyemi discusses her newest novel, "Boy, Snow, Bird," and PW reviews editor Jessamine Chan investigates this season's standout true crime titles.
03/14/2014 Listen
60 PW Radio Show 60: Paul Rosolie
Paul Rosolie discusses his new book, "Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey Into the Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon." Plus, PW blogger and children's bookseller Josie Leavitt talks about why women buy books for young adults.
03/07/2014 Listen
59 PW Radio Show 59: Terry Frei
Terry Frei talks about his new book, "March 1939: Before the Madness." Plus, PW comics reviews editor Heidi MacDonald has the latest from the world of graphic novels.
02/28/2014 Listen
58 PW Radio Show 58: Alan Paul
Alan Paul discusses his new book, "One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band." Plus, PW reviews editor Rose Fox shares some exciting new Regency romance novels.
02/21/2014 Listen
57 PW Radio Show 57: Jeannie Lin
For Valentine's Day Jeannie Lin talks about her romance novels set in Tang Dynasty China; PW deputy reviews editor Gabe Habash highlights the most anticipated literary fiction of spring and summer.
02/14/2014 Listen
56 PW Radio Show 56: Joshua Max Feldman
Hosts Rose Fox and Mark Rotella talk with Joshua Max Feldman about his debut novel, "The Book of Jonah." Plus, PW news editor Clare Swanson discusses PW's new Meet the Editor article series.
02/07/2014 Listen
55 PW Radio Show 55: Jennifer Senior
Jennifer Senior tackles parenting issues in her new book "All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood," and PW children's book review editor John Sellers will highlight this seasons major children’s book awards celebrations.
01/31/2014 Listen
54 PW Radio Show 54: Lisa Unger
Hosts Rose Fox and Mark Rotella talk with Lisa Unger about her gripping new psychological thriller, "In the Blood." Plus, reviews director Louisa Ermelino previews PW's spring 2014 announcements issue.
01/24/2014 Listen
53 PW Radio Show 53: Alison Levine, Digital Book World Recap
We talk with Alison Levine about her new book, "On the Edge: The Art of High Impact Leadership." Plus, PW senior news editor Calvin Reid recaps the highlights of Digital Book World.
01/17/2014 Listen
52 PW Radio Show 52: Sara Eckel; the Big Library Stories of 2013
Hosts Rose Fox and Mark Rotella talk with Sara Eckel about her new book, "It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single." Plus, PW senior writer Andrew Albanese talks about the year's top library stories.
01/10/2014 Listen
51 PW Radio Show 51
Hosts Rose Fox and Mark Rotella talk about hopes for 2014 in publishing, and also with Scott Stossel about his forthcoming book, "My Age of Anxiety." Plus, PW co-editorial director Jim Milliot discusses the year’s top-selling books.
01/03/2014 Listen
50 PW Radio Show 50
Wendy Lesser tells us about her forthcoming book, Why I Read: The Serious Pleasure of Books; PW reviews editor Alex Crowley quotes some of 2013's best science books.
12/20/2013 Listen
49 PW Radio Show 49
We talk with Sam Wasson about 'Fosse,' his biography of the legendary choreographer and dancer; PW reviews editor Jessamine Chan tells us about some forthcoming books about books. Also, we celebrate PW Radio's first birthday!
12/13/2013 Listen
48 PW Radio Show 48
We talk with M.L. Buchman about his new military romance novel, 'Take Over at Midnight'; PW senior reviews editor Peter Cannon tells us about Martin Gardner’s posthumously published autobiography.
12/06/2013 Listen
47 PW Radio Show 47
James Dashner talks about his novel, 'The Eye of Minds'; PW news editor Clare Swanson recaps the National Book Awards ceremony and winners.
11/22/2013 Listen
46 PW Radio Show 46
We talk with Charles Palliser about 'Rustication,' his first novel since 1999. PW children’s reviews editor John Sellers sets the stage for next week's National Book Awards.
11/15/2013 Listen
45 PW Radio Show 45
We talk with Candy Chang about her art project and book, 'Before I Die'; PW reviews director Louisa Ermelino gives us a behind-the-scenes look at PW’s 2013 Best Books list.
11/08/2013 Listen
44 PW Radio Show 44
We talk with poet Lindsay Hill about his incredible first novel 'Sea of Hooks.' PW comics reviews editor Heidi MacDonald celebrates Halloween with a retrospective of horror comics.
11/01/2013 Listen
43 PW Radio Show 43
We talk with Carla Kaplan about her book 'Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance,' plus PW audio reviews editor Adam Boretz tells us about some hot new audiobook releases.
10/25/2013 Listen
42 PW Radio Show 42
We talk with Brandon Stanton about his amazing photo project, 'Humans of New York,' plus PW co-editorial director Jim Milliot reveals the results of PW’s 2013 salary survey.
10/18/2013 Listen
41 PW Radio Show 41
We talk with Shahan Mufti about his first book, 'The Faithful Scribe,' which draws parallels between his family's history and the past and present of Pakistan. Plus, PW senior bookselling editor Judith Rosen brings us the news from recent trade shows for booksellers.
10/11/2013 Listen
40 PW Radio Show 40
PW Radio host Rose Fox talks about editing a forthcoming anthology, 'Long Hidden,' and PW nonfiction reviews editor Jessamine Chan suggests gift books for the upcoming holiday season.
10/04/2013 Listen
39 PW Radio Show 39
We talk with Carnegie Medal winner Patrick Ness about his new book, 'More Than This,' plus PW religion reviews editor Marcia Z. Nelson reports on the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Indianapolis.
09/27/2013 Listen
38 PW Radio Show 38
Luke Barr remembers the life of his great aunt M.F.K. Fisher in his book 'Provence, 1970.' Plus, PW poetry editor Craig Teicher talks about National Book Awards and the poetry long list, and fiction reviews editor Gabe Habash highlights the big literary fiction titles publishing this month.
09/20/2013 Listen
37 PW Radio Show 37
Al Jourgensen, frontman of the band Ministry, discusses his new book, 'Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen.' PW senior reviews editor Peter Cannon tells us about his trip to Necronomicon, a convention dedicated to horror author H.P Lovecraft.
09/13/2013 Listen
36 PW Radio Show 36
We talk with Lori Duron about her new book, 'Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son'; PW co-editorial director Jim Milliot tells us about recently released profit numbers from six (soon to be five) publishers.
09/06/2013 Listen
35 PW Radio Show 35
We talk with Mark I. Pinsky about his forthcoming book, Met Her on the Mountain: A Forty-Year Quest to Solve the Appalachian Cold-Case Murder of Nancy Morgan; PW reviews editor Annie Coreno chats with us about LibraryReads, a new website that lists the top ten new books recommended by librarians across the country.
08/30/2013 Listen
34 PW Radio Show 34
Author Deborah Meyler talks about her novel 'The Bookstore,' and PW's co-editorial director Michael Coffey discusses the letters and works of J.F. Powers.
08/23/2013 Listen
33 PW Radio Show 33
We talk with Rose George about her new book, 'Ninety Percent of Everything'; PW senior news editor Rachel Deahl tells us about the implications of the Penguin/Random House merger.
08/16/2013 Listen
32 PW Radio Show 32
Michael J. Martinez describes the long path to publication for his first novel, The Daedalus Incident, which combines 18th-century naval exploration with science fiction; PW nonfiction reviews editor Alex Crowley gives us an overview of recent books about how, when, and why people have sex.
08/09/2013 Listen
31 PW Radio Show 31
Michael Paterniti discusses his book "The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese," and PW children's book review editor John Sellers highlights this summer's movie tie-ins.
08/01/2013 Listen
30 PW Radio Show 30
Stephanie Evanovich talks about her debut novel "Big Girl Panties," and PW's comics reviews editor Heidi MacDonald gives us the low-down on San Diego Comic-Con.
07/26/2013 Listen
29 PW Radio Show 29
We talk with author Chuck Wendig about having two new novels out at once, teaching writing, and the joys and terrors of social media for writers; PW senior editor Mark Rotella gives us a preview of the fall's top books about music and musicians.
07/18/2013 Listen
28.5 PW Radio Special Edition: The Apple Price-Fixing Verdict
PW senior writer Andrew Richard Albanese and senior news editor Calvin Reid discuss the implications of Apple being found guilty of conspiring to fix the price of e-books -- for Apple, the industry, and consumers.
07/12/2013 Listen
28 PW Radio Show 28
Reverend Maggie Oman Shannon discusses her new book, 'Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation,' and PW religion reviews editor Marcia Nelson talks about the big religion books of fall.
07/11/2013 Listen
27 PW Radio Show 27
Robert T. Kiyosaki tells us 'Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students (and "B" Students Work for the Government),' and PW senior writer Andrew Albanese discusses his new book, 'The Battle of $9.99,' about the recent e-book price-fixing lawsuit.
06/28/2013 Listen
26 PW Radio Show 26
We talk with Jeffrey Selingo, author of 'College (Un)bound,' about the future of higher education; PW features editor Dick Donahue takes us through some hot forthcoming arts and entertainment books.
06/21/2013 Listen
25 PW Radio Show 25
We take a call from Rod Dreher, author of 'The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, a Small Town and the Secret of a Good Life,' and PW reviews editor Alex Crowley joins us for his regular review of interesting titles from small presses.
06/14/2013 Listen
24 PW Radio Show 24
Robert K. Tanenbaum, a former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, discusses 'Echoes of My Soul,' a fascinating work of true crime; PW reviews editor Jessamine Chan reviews some useful new books for parents of older children.
06/07/2013 Listen
23 PW Radio Show 23
We chat with Suzanne Corkin, author of the fascinating new medical biography 'Permanent Present Tense,' and PW co-editorial director Michael Coffey provides a preview of Book Expo America, the biggest American book show of the year.
05/30/2013 Listen
22 PW Radio Show 22
Bestselling young adult author Rick Yancey talks about his new novel, 'The 5th Wave'; PW reviews editor (and PW Radio co-host) Rose Fox covers other recent and forthcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
05/23/2013 Listen
21 PW Radio Show 21
Charlaine Harris talks about wrapping up the Sookie Stackhouse series, which inspired the HBO series 'True Blood.' PW reviews editor Sam Slaton discusses an array of mental health books that explore the impact of the new DSM V.
05/16/2013 Listen
20 PW Radio Show 20
Bestselling thriller author John Sandford joins us to discuss his latest novel, 'Silken Prey,' and PW mystery/thriller reviews editor Peter Cannon provides an overview of other big thriller titles.
05/09/2013 Listen
19 PW Radio Show 19
Ellen Sussman talks about her book 'The Paradise Guest House.' Then PW deputy reviews editor Mike Harvkey talks about some other interesting novels coming out this summer.
05/02/2013 Listen
18 PW Radio Show 18
PW talks with bestselling novelist Jayne Ann Krentz, who's written over 120 books under a variety of names. Then senior editor Mark Rotella talks about what's hot in the field of nonfiction about music.
04/25/2013 Listen
17 PW Radio Show 17
Gary May discusses 'Bending Toward Justice: The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy,' and senior news editor Andrew Albanese calls in from the London Book Fair.
04/18/2013 Listen
16 PW Radio Show 16
Today we'll be celebrating Poetry Month by talking with Paul Hoover, editor of the 'Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry.' Then PW poetry reviews editor Craig Teicher will talk about some intriguing books in the poetry field.
04/11/2013 Listen
15 PW Radio Show 15
NPR host Ophira Eisenberg talks about her hilarious memoir 'Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy.' Then PW reviews editor Alex Crowley will join for a look at great new books from independent publishers and university presses.
04/04/2013 Listen
14 PW Radio Show 14
Lee Woodruff talks about her novel 'Those We Love Most' and PW children's book editor John Sellers calls in from Italy, where the 50th annual Bologna Children’s Book Fair is underway.
03/28/2013 Listen
13 PW Radio Show 13
Literay agent Jason Allen Ashlock talks about the back-room book deals that are shaping the book publishing industry, and deputy reviews editor Mike Harvkey looks ahead at the big books of the spring.
03/21/2013 Listen
12 PW Radio Show 12
Author Bruce Feiler shares 'The Secrets of Happy Families,' and Mark Rotella reports on the Paris Cookbook Festival.
02/28/2013 Listen
11 PW Radio Show 11
Beverly Jenkins talks about her new historical romance novel 'Destiny’s Embrace,' and Calvin Reid, PW's senior news editor gives the rundown on upcoming books by and about African Americans.
02/21/2013 Listen
10 PW Radio Show 10
Magazine editor Brian White explains how he crowdfunded fiction magazine Fireside, and PW senior news editor Calvin Reid provides a live report from the Tools of Change conference.
02/14/2013 Listen
9 PW Radio Show 9
Paul Elie talks about 'Reinventing Bach,' and PW children's/YA reviews editor John Sellers recaps the Newbery and Caldecott awards.
01/31/2013 Listen
8 PW Radio Show 8
Alan Beatts, owner of San Francisco's Borderlands Books, explains how independent bookstores can survive the e-book era, and PW reviews editor Jessamine Chan goes over fabulous fashion books.
01/24/2013 Listen
7 PW Radio Show 7
PW senior bookselling editor Judith Rosen talks about how the nation's independent bookstores are weathering the economic storm, and PW news editor Gabe Habash reports from the Digital Book World Conference & Expo.
01/17/2013 Listen
6 PW Radio Show 6
Jeff Kinney talks about the origins of his most recent Wimpy Kid book, and PW reviews editor Sam Slaton goes over recent military nonfiction and history titles.
01/10/2013 Listen
5 PW Radio Show 5
TIME's Lev Grossman discusses how "best books" lists are put together, and PW senior writer Andrew Albanese recaps the anti-trust lawsuit against Apple and several major publishers.
01/03/2013 Listen
4 PW Radio Show 4
A recap of PW's Best Books list for 2012 and interview with Scott Heimendinger, director of applied research for the Modernist Cuisine cookbooks.
12/27/2012 Listen
3 PW Radio Show 3
Peter F. Hamilton calls in from London to give the inside story of his science fiction murder mystery, 'Great North Road,' and PW fiction reviews editor Mike Harvkey talks about fiction bestsellers.
12/20/2012 Listen
2 PW Radio Show 2
Chris Ware talks about the story behind his epic graphic novel, 'Building Stories,' and PW senior news editor Calvin Reid covers other recent graphic novels and comics.
12/13/2012 Listen
1 PW Radio Show 1
Our inaugural show! Eloisa James talks about her historical romances based on fairy tales, and PW children's/YA reviews editor John Sellers covers holiday gift books for kids.
12/06/2012 Listen
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