cover image Fortune and Fate: A Novel of the Twelve Houses

Fortune and Fate: A Novel of the Twelve Houses

Sharon Shinn. Ace, $24.95 (403pp) ISBN 978-0-441-01636-5

Following 2007’s Reader and Raelynx , which wrapped up the original Twelve Houses fantasy quartet, this rousing sword-and-sorcery romance introduces Wen, a former elite warrior Rider haunted by her failure to protect King Baryn during a rebellion and heartbroken by her lover’s marriage to another. After Wen saves teen heiress Karryn, daughter of one of the rebels, from kidnapping and ravishment, Karryn’s uncle and guardian, Jasper Paladar, rewards Wen with an offer to train a cadre of bodyguards. Reluctant at first, Wen gradually faces her fears and falls in love with Jasper, the soul of sexy scholarly gallantry. Despite the tweeny dialogue and predictable derring-do, Shinn combines a substantial range of appealing characters with a solid reinforcement of women’s capabilities in peace and war, making the story comfortable, if not profound. (Nov.)