cover image Hero in the Highlands

Hero in the Highlands

Suzanne Enoch. St. Martin’s, $7.99 ISBN 978-1-250-09541-1

Enoch (Some Like It Scot) produces another bold Highland fling in this stirring historical romance. Maj. Gabriel Forrester is enjoying the Duke of Wellington’s 1812 campaign near Salamanca in Spain when he receives the unexpected news that he is now the Duke of Lattimer, a title that comes with a 10,000-acre estate in Scotland. The estate was originally owned by Scottish lairds, and it’s been cursed ever since it was taken over by the hated English. He arrives to find the place run by black-eyed Scottish spitfire Fiona Blackstock, who despises all Englishmen. She predictably goes weak in the knees in Gabriel’s presence, disguising it by raging at his English arrogance—which is a cover for his own developing attraction to her. Gradually, they manage to overcome all the barriers that separate them. Enoch alternates Fiona’s spunky feminism with Gabriel’s down-to-earth pragmatism in this adventurous tale of sex and war, and Gabriel proves himself a dashing expert at both. With colorful secondary characters, judicious lashings of Scots dialect, and lush summertime Highland landscapes, Enoch creates a heady romantic atmosphere that’s sure to captivate the genre’s eager audience. Agent: Nancy Yost, Nancy Yost Literary. (Oct.)