cover image Freckles and Willie

Freckles and Willie

Margery Cuyler. Holt McDougal, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-03-003772-6

Endearing pictures help tell the story of Freckles, the dog, and Willie, his master. Freckles, the personification of a boy's best friend, is dreadfully unhappy when Willie devotes all his time and affection to his newfound friend Jane. Because Jane does not like dogs, Freckles is neglected and hurt. Willie, smitten by Jane, draws her a beautiful valentine, only to have it refused. Now, the shoe on the other foot, Willie is the one to feel hurt and Freckles, holding no grudges, becomes his best pal again. The book offers a nice lesson in relationships and loyalty that even the youngest child can grasp. (58)