cover image MySpace/OurPlanet: Change Is Possible

MySpace/OurPlanet: Change Is Possible

Myspace Community, with Jeca Taudte, foreword by Tom Anderson. . HarperTeen/Bowen, $12.99 (166pp) ISBN 978-0-06-156204-4

Printed on post-consumer-waste recycled paper with vegetable-oil-based inks, this guide to saving the planet practices what it preaches as it encourages teens to adopt green habits. Most of the suggestions here are obvious (skip the bottled water; carpool; take shorter showers), and they tend to be repeated. But repetition is not necessarily a bad thing; the presentation here, impressing readers with the need to think through the environmental impact of their actions, uses the examples of MySpace peers to encourage compliance. A steady parade of young environmentalists who collect 400 batteries in two weeks, or who start campaigns for safer cosmetics, or who beat major car companies in designing an alternate-fuel vehicle, and so forth, demonstrates that teens can and do help the planet. Ages 14-up. (Mar.)