cover image Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies

Andrea Beaty. Abrams/Amulet, 12.95 (192pp) ISBN 978-0-8109-8416-5

In this screwy, nonsensical thriller, 11-year-old twins Joules and Kevin are unwillingly deposited at Camp Whats-itooya, an unusual summer camp that is about to be attacked by giant alien bunnies (aka “Fluffs”). Led by a naturephobic scientist, a down-on-his-luck surfer, and a beehive-haired lady with a craft fetish, the twins are joined by three giggling look-alike campers dubbed “SmellyCat” (for Sam, Ellie, and Cat), and Nelson, who exuberantly promotes the virtues of the Plumbing Channel. As the bunny threat grows, Nelson and the twins hatch a plan involving Spam (the edible kind) and freeze-dried ice cream to thwart them from taking over the camp and the world. Interspersed with parenthetical asides, directives to the reader (“Those of you who avoided reading Table 1 probably ought to be brave and read this one.... Go ahead. We’ll amuse ourselves by singing while you read. La la la la la...”), and Santat’s (Chicken Dance) kinetic comic book–style panel art, Beaty’s (Cicada Summer) storytelling is lighthearted and fast-paced. Though the story may not linger much past the last page, her unconventional and entertaining narrative make it a wholly fun read. Ages 8–12. (May)