cover image The Bride Wore Pearls

The Bride Wore Pearls

Liz Carlyle. Avon, $7.99 mass market (432p) ISBN 978-0-06-196577-7

Carlyle’s delightful third and final Fraternitas romance (after The Bride Wore Scarlet) paints Victorian society with sensual undertones. Lady Anisha Stafford, a “mixed-blood army widow” with two young sons, leaves India for England, the country that was her husband’s home. Anisha develops a deep affection for Rance Welham, earl of Lazonby, a colleague of her brother’s who has been accused of murder. Rance desires Anisha but is intent on clearing his name, worrying that his association with Anisha will ruin her reputation as a respectable widow. Their mutual attraction is based upon a deep admiration for one another, and fueled by Anisha’s quick wit and charm. Sizzling love scenes are tastefully written, revealing the allure of love, not merely lust. As Anisha and Rance hunt the real killer, suspense and romance entwine to create an engaging read. Agent: Nancy Yost, Nancy Yost Literary Agency. (Aug.)