cover image Blood of Dragons

Blood of Dragons

Robin Hobb. Harper Voyager, $27.99 (448p) ISBN 978-0-06-211685-7

The fourth Rain Wilds Chronicles epic (after City of Dragons), Hobb’s 13th novel set in the world of the Elderlings, wraps up the current set of storylines involving a new generation of dragons and the Elderlings (human-dragon hybrids) who serve and protect them. As most of the dragons and their keepers repopulate and reinvigorate the lost city of Kelsingra, the ailing Duke of Chalced sends people to hunt dragons for their life-extending and transformative properties, and the ancient dragon queen Tintaglia fights for her life. With a wide scope of coverage and a narrative that jumps among members of the sprawling cast, this tale feels both leisurely and unfocused, and knowledge of previous installments is essential to full comprehension. Hobb makes up for this breadth with a wealth of detail and language bordering on poetic. (Apr.)