cover image Not Like That, Like This

Not Like That, Like This

Tony Bradman. Oxford University Press, USA, $13.95 (28pp) ISBN 978-0-19-520712-5

This funny book should please all those who have suddenly found themselves in foolish positions. Dad cautions Thomas not to put his head through the wrought-iron railings that line the park.`` `What, like this?' said Thomas. `Not like that, like this ,' said Dad.'' He then wedges his head between the railings. What follows is a counting book collection of helpful passersby with suggestions, from one old lady, to two men with dogs, six mothers with babies, seven girls with skipping ropesall the way up to 10 firemen. They free Dad, but Thomas, demonstrating how it happened, will need rescuing next. The counting aspect is a bonus; the turnaround of having the adultnot the childin trouble, will appeal to readers who need to know that everyone makes mistakes. Ages 3-6. (Oct.)